PTH:   (pg/mL) 

 1. EQL Liaison N-tac PTH (Diasorin)
 2. EQL Elecsys PTH (Roche)
 3. EQL Inm. 2500 (Siemens/Dipesa)
 4. EQL Advia Centaur  PTH (Bayer)
 5. EQL Architect Intact PTH (Abbott)
 6. IRMA Intact PTH (Scantibodies)
 7. IRMA CT PTH Intact (Radim)


1) Internal data of the Spanish Society of Nephrology.

2) C. de la Piedra, E. Fernandez, Maria Gonzalez Casaus and E. Gonzalez Parra. Differences in the function of parathyroid peptides. What are we measuring?. Nefrologia 2008;28(2):123-128.

3) Reference method: IRMA NICHOLS (KDOQI).
National Kidney Foundation.
K/DOQI clinical practice guidelines for bone metabolism and disease.
Am J Kidney Dis 2003;42:S1-S200.

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